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Association „Support centre for children and young people with limited opportunities «SMAIDS»"


Teacher – Valērijs Verovskis. Continue training at the International Yoga University.

Child Yoga classes are aimed at increasing the body’s superficial development – physical, intellectual, psychological, moral, creative and include the following components:

  • Yoga breathing exercises;
  • Concentration and visualization exercises;
  • Basics of relaxing and meditation;
  • In the process of lesson – educational games;
  • Speech development based on Mantra – Yoga;
  • Specific corrective exercises for the body’s development;
  • In lessons are used:
  • Recognized fairy tale and cartoon characters;
  • Basic knowledge of our environment (nature, animals, birds);
  • Anatomic components of our body;
  • Healthy competition;
  • Balloons, soup bubbles, balls.

Activities for children developing spinal flexibility, improve posture, motion coordination, attention, motor skills, ability to capture the world around us.

Lessons stimulate human qualities, kindness, love, intellectual strength, compassion.

Yoga helps children become healthy, happy and joyful.

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