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Association „Support centre for children and young people with limited opportunities «SMAIDS»"



Andželika Ivanova – producer, head of young actor trainings, screenwriter;

Aleksandra Pavlova – operator, photographer;

Anna Rihtere – the second operator;

Anastasija Stepanova – make – up artist

Children Film Studio is a place, where your child can feel like an actor. But at favourable conditions, as a talented and diligent, are likely to become an actor!

Our goal is not only to teach the child how to speak and move on the stage, but also work in a team, participate in the creation of films and filming process. We offer your child pass the course an actor’s training, which includes:

  • Theatrical elocution;
  • Ability to work in team;
  • Plastic for body exercises;
  • Basic knowledge of scriptwriting;
  • Skills to work and behave in front of the camera;
  • Lessons for the development of memory and concentration;
  • Communication and work with partners;
  • Practise to behave free in front of the audience;
  • Overcoming scene fear;

These lessons will not give your child a professional actor training. Our aim is to give to child the opportunity to learn to communicate freely with others and encourage his creative development.

During the training we provide to all children participate to story and film making process.


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