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Association „Support centre for children and young people with limited opportunities «SMAIDS»"

Association „Support centre for children and young people with limited opportunities „SMAIDS”” was registered in the Latvian business register in April 4th 2013. With the State Revenue Service’s decision Nr. 8.5 – 11 / L – 26313, association was granted with status of a public benefit organization.

On 22 July 2013, the Executive Boards of Riga Pārdaugava signed a lease agreement for the premises with a total area of 500 m2, with the aim of creating a children and young people learning, development, social and vocational rehabilitation centre. The centre is located in Riga, Zolitūdes Street 22A.

In association „SMAIDS” board meeting were discussed and approved training, development, social and vocational rehabilitation centre aims of creating, employment and development plan. 

Training, development, social and vocational rehabilitation centre aims:

  1. Provide comprehensive assistance for children and young people from large families, orphans or poor families, helping to integrate into society;
  2. To create the centre as a place where children and young people with disabilities learn, play sports, communicate with peers, acquire new friends, develop their ability to function in society, learning how can earn with job, according to their skills and abilities;
  3. Using alternative care methods, help these children and youth groups in family atmosphere, apply occupational therapy, develop and where possible, improve social work skills, to enable them to fully integrate into society and lead an independent life;
  4. To older children provide competitive training to the labor market – psychologically and practically.

At the moment, in this charity project in these premises and in the building area are created: library, a children playground and table games room, foreign language and music classes, art workshop, aesthetic gymnastics and dance hall. To sport activities in the courtyard of the building is equipped playground and sport equipment in available. Children can play volleyball, football and floorball.

In the center there are several classes according to each child / young person’s interests and abilities:

  • English;
  • Latvian language;
  • Aesthetic gymnastics / dance;
  • Theatre class;
  • Belly dance;
  • Yoga for children;
  • Pop dance / tumbling;
  • Guitar game;
  • Art workshop;
  • Technical modelling;
  • Children film studio;
  • Chess game;
  • Japanese checkers;
  • Encaustics or wax painting;
  • Ballet studio;
  • Vocal studio;
  • Salsa;


    Military training / self – defence.

Older young people are offered the opportunity to receive professional knowledge in theory and practise, which will allow them further time to get selected professional education and practical skills. For this purpose in March this year we have registered non – formal educational institution „SMAIDS” (Reg. Nr. 2980802103). These young people, who are interested in WEB designer or a CNC operator’s speciality, can learn it in our institution. Both of these professions are in demand in the labor market. We are confident, that over time, our training centre will develop and we will be able to offer young people to learn also other interesting and demanded specialities.

There is also a group for students to do their school homework’s and baby – sitting respite centre.


  • Project manager: Renāte Smeķe
  • Phone number: +371 29997943
  • E – mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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